Lion's Roar Newsletter
Term 2 | Week 9 | 2023

From the Principal



Throughout Term Two across the College both grit and grace have been on display. 

Grit is required to turn up to training, coaching, rehearsals week after week easy when the sun is shining, less so when the day is shorter and the weather frosty. Grit is tested when learning is challenging, assessments mount and peer relations seem strained. Grit is strengthened when perseverance pays off, when difficulties are overcome, when the unattainable over time becomes achievable.

Grace is required to seek feedback rather than question a grade. Grace is tested when congratulating those who achieved what you had hoped to, when forgiving someone who has wronged you, when persevering with a friendship that has changed. Grace is strengthened when a fresh start is offered,  seeking the good in others a focus and each new day exactly that, an opportunity to reset and begin again.

Our girls are growing up in an increasingly angst-ridden world where the lack of grit and grace is seen in fractured relationships, low aspirations, and a culture of mediocrity. This was evident in the feedback provided by girls who have enjoyed an experience day with us this term. 

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We hosted close to twenty prospective new students across both the Junior and Senior School in Term 3. 

Many have commented on the sense of calm, order, and productivity in learning. Of the friendliness and welcome experienced in the classroom, the Boarding House and school activities they took part in.

Senior School visitors have spoken of the contrast between PLC Armidale and their current schools where students are vaping in class, bathrooms are too scary to use, where bullying and threatening behaviour is unrelenting. These visitors have spoken of a revolving door of teachers on crowd control, where the academic program appears a low priority in the face of other challenges. Some have spoken of a cultural divide between those in the ‘top classes’ who have a totally different experience than the rest of the cohort.

By no means is PLC Armidale a perfect place, it can’t be, we are fallible people living in a fallen world. However, one of the genuine advantages we have as a Christian faith-based school is to build a strong culture of meaning and purpose. A culture of service, a culture of knowing and being known, a culture of mutual accountability building trust, a culture of care, compassion and kindness. A culture of grit and grace.

This culture capital is an advantage, creating a perceptible difference in the look and feel of the place. In some respects intangible, in other respects, clearly evident. Building culture is a work that is never done - where each day, week, term, and year builds on the one before. Shaping culture is something each one contributes to, where everyone has a part to play. We build on the work of those who have gone before, playing a valued part in the history and legacy of the College. 

The Annual and Subscription Giving campaign of our Foundation Committee provides a very practical yet greatly valued contribution to the work of building culture by investing in people and the place which will shape the future.

It has been a privilege to celebrate the accomplishments of our girls this term across so many areas of endeavour that contribute to the culture of learning which characterises PLC Armidale. Academic endeavours, Creative and Performing Arts experiences, leadership and challenge programs, along with a range of sports opportunities available for all. 

Thank you to the Staff of PLC Armidale who make this happen, to our parent community for your ongoing support and to the girls who contribute so readily and willingly, making it all worthwhile.

Congratulations to

Head Prefect Chiyo Brown for being awarded the Licentiate in Music, Australia (LMusA)- Piano. 

With a success rate of only 10 percent of candidates, Chiyo’s accomplishment under the tutelage of Mrs Julee Andrews, is to be commended. In undertaking the LMusA examination this term, Chiyo presented a repertoire of very challenging piano works followed by a question and answer session about these pieces conducted by two examiners. 

Stage 5 Drama girls for the production of Hitler’s Daughter staged at the Armidale Playhouse this week. 

With every aspect of the production being led, prepared and performed by the girls it was a tangible demonstration of the teamwork required where everyone had a part and played their part to create such a memorable experience. Read the story in our CAPA section, and you can see the photo gallery here.

Our Junior and Senior School Guild Leaders for the work involved in preparing their guilds for the very colourful, clever and high energy songs performed at our closing event for the term, the Guild Song Battle.  Congratulations also to the winning Guild - Wilkie! 

You can see the photo gallery here.

Farewell to 

Mrs Sarojni Kumar, who concluded her time at PLC Armidale this semester. 

We are grateful that Sarojni was able to extend her retirement a little, however, the distance from her new home and family proved challenging. Sarojni served the PLC Armidale community of staff, students and parents for close to 20 years and will be greatly missed.

The farewell messages left by Sarojni's students on the whiteboard in her classroom this week are a testament to her dedication, patience and skill in hospitality education.

Sarojni, we wish you all the best for the future and know you will enjoy spending more time with your family.

Term 3 Events 

You can view the school calendar via the PLC Armidale App or Parent Portal.

Senior School News

Mr Mitchell Clendinning
Head of Senior School

I would like to congratulate our students on the way they have participated in a range of academic and co-curricular activities over the course of Term 2, whilst also demonstrating creativity in balancing competing demands. The staff are also immensely proud of the way our girls have represented PLC Armidale in the wider community, which speaks to the culture of the College. It was also pleasing to see the number of girls who achieved a Citizenship Award this term. Merits are awarded to students for a range of positive behaviours inside and outside the classroom, and it is important to recognise and appreciate the consistency these students demonstrate.

Semester 1 Reports

Reports will be sent home at the beginning of the first week of holidays. Included in your child’s Semester 1 report is a snapshot of their achievement in assessment tasks to date in each subject, their engagement with the Pastoral Care and Co-Curricular programs, as well as an indication of their approach to learning. 

To complement this report, parents and carers are able to view results, feedback and student reflections on every assessment task by logging into Edumate. Below is an example of the information available on each assessment task marked and returned to students.  

To access your child’s results, feedback and reflections, log into Edumate and click on a tab titled ‘Progress’. From there, click on ‘Past Tasks’. You will also be able to see ‘Upcoming Tasks’ and previous ‘Academic Reports’.

If you have forgotten or misplaced your login details for Edumate, please contact 

Below is a sample of what parents can see for each assessment task in Semester 1:

Next Term - Key Events

There are a number of exciting and important events coming up in Term 3 to note:

The Fathering Project

It was pleasing to see a number of our PLC Armidale Dads come together to talk about fathering and watch the State of Origin. It was a good opportunity to hear from some NRL legends about what they enjoy and have learned over the years as a father, and for the PLC Dads to share some of their own tips. 

Andrew Ryan ( father of four) said being a father has taught him to be more patient and put the phone away, and be present.

Josh Jackson is a new father and says he loves being a father because it puts the little things in perspective.

Luke Goodwin is a proud father of three daughters and says it is the greatest gift ever bestowed on him, and says it comes with great responsibility. 

Mark O'Meley says the best thing he learnt was to let his kids have a voice, plant the seeds of development and watch them become the young men that they are.

The Fathering Project released a podcast as part of Men’s Health Week last week about fatherhood, masculinity and the importance of mateship amongst men. Click here to access the podcast. 

 More than 40 of our girls received PLC Armidale Citizenship Awards this term.

Senior School students receive these once they achieve three Merit Awards in a single term. Merits are given to students when they demonstrate the College's values either inside or outside the classroom.  These young women are respectful towards others and always give the best of themselves. 

Congratulations, girls, for showing grit and grace in your everyday actions!


Poetry was brought from the page to the stage last week in our Astra Arts Centre.

Our students from Year 6 through to Year 11 discovered the fun, exciting, and engaging world of poetry - thanks to the Poetry in Action Theatre Group, who came back to see us on their way to Grafton. Team Raven gave our girls a refreshed familiarity with poetic techniques and enthusiasm for using poetry as a valuable form of self-expression.

Junior School News

Congratulations to all those who received awards in Term 2 at our weekly assembly following Chapel. 

You can see a photo gallery of recipients here.

Winter Woolies Collection

The Junior School Student Representative Committee organised a Winter Woollies Drive to assist those in the community who need extra warmth during the cooler season of winter. 

Every student wore something warm over their uniform on June 21 and many donated older, unused or new winter clothing items to those less fortunate.

Items will continue to be collected during the first two weeks of Term 3 and will be distributed to LifeLine, The Women's Shelter and Saint Vincent de Pauls


Mrs Joanne Wysel

Head of Creative and Performing Arts. 

Stage 6 CAPA Dates for your Diary - Term 3

Week One

In House Concert - Wednesday 19th July 2023 @5:00pm

Week Two

HSC Dance Performance 

Wednesday 26th July 2023 @ 6pm

Week Three

HSC Music Performance Night- Music 1, Music 2, Music Extension

Monday 31st July 2023

In G31 @ NECOM 


Wednesday 2nd August DANCE TRIAL during periods 1 and 2 At the New England Dance Theatre Studio

HSC DRAMA TRIAL - (Save the date is in Edumate)

Friday 4th August DRAMA TRIAL 6:00pm

In the Drama Room

Week Four & Five -  Trial HSC exams

HSC Dance Practical Examination - date TBC

Week Six


Monday 21st August 3:00pm

HSC MUSIC TRIAL - (Save the date is in Edumate, 11 seater booked)

Thursday 24th August at NECOM during class. (11 seater bus required)

Week Seven



Monday 28th August 3:00pm

Stage 5 Play - Hitler’s Daughter

What a show - we are so proud of you stage 5 Drama!

This award-winning play by MonkeyBaa Theatre Company tells the story of Hitler's Daughter through the eyes of four Australian children Mark, Ben, Anna and Tracey. 

As the friends wait for the school bus in country Australia one rainy morning, Anna begins to tell the tale of Heidi, daughter of the most hated man in history.


Our Stage 5 class has been working together to create this production. Some have worked on sets and props, while others have created projections and sound effects. Others are directing their peers to stage the play while others are creating marketing and advertising. 

This has been a wonderful experience for the class in a play that encourages students to think about diversity, tolerance, moral responsibility, courage, and right from wrong.


Don't forget our Chocolate Camp will be held on July 15/16/17 (the last three days of the school holidays).

The camp is a compulsory activity with dates for the camp given at the information evening in Term 1 about our School Musical - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

The camp is a vital part of the rehearsal process before we commence the last term of rehearsals. 

We’ll see you there!

Sports News

Olympics Unleashed

Jo Brigden-Jones, a remarkable former Olympian, recently visited our school through the Olympics Unleashed program, leaving an indelible impact on our students. Her talk focused on overcoming challenges, setting goals, and pursuing passions to achieve personal best. 

Sharing her own journey, Jo's stories resonated deeply with our students, instilling in them a belief in their own potential and the power of perseverance.

Jo's ability to balance multiple roles, such as being a paramedic and skilled baker, showcased the importance of finding harmony in life. Her experiences encouraged our students to explore their interests while managing their time effectively.

Her visit ignited a spark of inspiration, motivating our students to dream big and strive for greatness. With dedication and unwavering commitment, Jo emphasized that any obstacle can be overcome and was an exceptional role model and guided our students on their path to success.

Together, we celebrated the power of resilience and determination - grit and grace.

Health Centre News



It has come to our attention that there have been an increasing number of cases of head injuries during this term. It is important that all staff and students are aware of the seriousness of head injuries.

The following video provides an overview of what a concussion is and how a head knock or whiplash incident can affect our brain.

YouTube page:

Students and parents are encouraged to check the Australian Institution of Sport website about Concussion in Sport:


A revised and simplified Concussion and Head Injury Protocol will be available at the beginning of Term 3.

International and 'Pathways' News 

Amy Chiu

Pathways Administrator

It has been a great pleasure working with the Pathways students this term. Despite the cold weather, increasing workload and several friendship shifts, the students have tried hard finishing the term well.

Congratulations to Bella Sun, who joined the Pathways program Term 3 2022 and has reached the milestone to move onto Year 10 in Term 3. Bella will join the Year 10 cohort in the compulsory subjects with having two elective lines back to the Pathways classroom for support.

In Term 3, the Pathways students will participate in the AEAS test where we organise an external test administrator to assess the students. The AEAS test provides a comprehensive report with the students’ English abilities, Non-verbal abilities and Mathematical abilities. This is also a key check point for the Pathways team to keep track of the student’s progress, on top of the continuous reporting system we have in the program.

In Term 3, we will also welcome five new students joining the program. It is great to see more and more international students that are interested in coming to Australia to complete their high school and even tertiary studies. We look forward to working with the students as they first start their Australian journey.

A big shout out to the teachers who have been helping, have helped the Pathways students throughout the term. We are really appreciative that there is a lot of support from the school’s administration team, teaching team and boarding team. Looking after the International students has never been an easy task, but we are grateful that we have the strong support from the PLC Armidale team.



We hope to see you soon...

PLC Armidale is delighted to be hosting another OGU Reunion Weekend on October 27/28 to coincide with the College's biennial musical production, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

Following the success of last year's IGSA drinks for parents and alumnae at Sydney Olympic Park Stadium, we will be holding another evening on Friday, July 28.

Details will be emailed out soon...

Want to get together with your class?

If you are interested in joining a milestone reunion group during the Reunion Weekend in October, please get in touch with us at

And if you were part of the class of '93...

Belinda Humphries is holding a reunion weekend in Brisbane on the 8th & 9th of September. Mel Fletcher-Covill has generously offered the use of her Function Centre for the event.

Options for communicating with the group or Belinda are

Joining in on the Messenger Chat

Email her at

This year, PLC Armidale will be attending the 2023 Boarding Schools Expo event in Narrabri on July 21&22. This is a free event, so please drop in and say hello to us if you are in the area and have the time.

Send us your news!  

We love to hear about what our alumnae have been doing - so please let us know what has been happening in your life. 

Births, marriages, milestone celebrations - whatever you feel like sharing with the other Old Girls, please tell us so we can include it in this section of the  Lion's Roar each fortnight.

Our PLC Armidale alumnae are a stellar group of women who excel in a diverse range of areas, leading lives of significance.

Success looks different for everyone, and we like to celebrate it all - not just that which is in the public eye.

Email your news to:

Save the date - Details to come soon

PLC Armidale Foundation

Annual Giving

As the end of the financial year fast approaches, PLC Armidale is appealing to members of our community to make a financial contribution to the PLC Armidale Scholarship Fund.

Past tax-deductible gifts to our Building Fund have resulted in many improvements to our College Campus. 

Thanks to this generosity, this year alone, the bespoke cabinets for our PLC Armidale archive display will be in place for the Old Girls Reunion weekend in October, and the refurbishing of the Rose Garden bed edging is scheduled for completion.

Now our focus is on building equity in our Scholarship Fund.

In 2022, the College made a considered decision to restructure fees for students in Kindergarten to Stage 4 in order to expand accessibility to a PLC Armidale education.

The provision of scholarships on merit will extend the opportunity for even more young women of character and purpose to receive an outstanding education at PLC Armidale, the region’s pre-eminent school for young women.

At our 135th Anniversary of PLC Armidale Celebration Ball, we announced the new PLCA Foundation Committee Chair Trent Donaldson (former staff and current parent), and we have a committee consisting of Christine Evans (alumna Class of'76), Chelsea Schaeffer (current parent) and Sally McCook (former staff and former parent).

This group is now focusing its efforts on raising funds for scholarships, with the intent of raising $130,000 for the school to allocate immediately in the next round of scholarship assessment.

As many families within our community have directly benefited from the recent fee restructure, we ask that you consider making a contribution to support the PLC Armidale Scholarship Fund. 

Your gift will help the PLC Foundation Committee to offer these scholarships. We require significant and ongoing funding to ensure there is a continual capital base to support the program.

Donations for this appeal will provide scholarships from as early as the 2024 school year. In addition, gifts over $2 are tax deductible and donations made prior to the end of the financial year are eligible for deduction immediately.

Or you can subscribe to make a small regular automatic donation which will quickly add up over the years.

The generosity of the PLC Armidale community has enabled us to maintain and provide an excellent learning environment for generations of young women.

Giving makes a real difference to every student who attends PLC Armidale now and into the future. We thank you for your continued support as we foster and build a community that stands together. 

If you would like further information about the PLC Armidale Scholarship Fund or know of a young girl who you believe would benefit from this opportunity, don't hesitate to call us on (02) 6770 1700 or email us at

A gift to the PLC Armidale Scholarship Fund will open the door for many more exceptional young women to attend PLC Armidale and be equipped to lead a life of significance. 

You can make a difference by donating today.

Donations can be made by clicking here.

Uniform Shop opening hours - School Holidays

The Uniform Shop will only be open on 

Thursday, 13 July between 8.30am and 11.30am 

during the school holiday break.

Normal trading hours for the Uniform Shop during term time are 

on Tuesdays between 8.30am and 11.30am,  and on Thursdays between 1pm and 4.30pm.

 Aberbaldie Bursaries are available to all instrumental and vocal students of NECOM teachers. 

This bursary is available to assist students who might not be able to continue their music studies due to financial hardship.  Each successful bursary will provide Up to 50% of tuition fees. 

This bursary is valid for the Financial Year of 2023-2024 (Terms 3 & 4, 2023 and Term 1 & 2 2024).

To apply for an Aberbaldie Bursary, lodge the form it to the NECOM office before closing date of 4pm Friday 6 July, 2023 along with the required supporting documents of proof of income. 

Without these documents, the application will not be processed.

Please know that this bursary application process is completely confidential. 

To obtain forms or if you have any questions regarding the Aberbaldie Bursary application process, please contact our Co-CEO Business - Corinne Arter on 6788 2138 or via

Applications can also be made via the following link: